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Taylor Kaufmann Summers
Seattle WA

This site is an ongoing collection of recipes I cherish and information I have come across in my studies while at Naturopathic medical school.


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What is a Naturopathic Physician?

A Naturopathic Physician is a primary care physician that has trained in a 4 year accredited medical school and passed the state Board Examinations. They are here with individualized treatments to help you with both acute and chronic conditions - from a "cold" to knee pain to diabetes.

They are here to advise, to counsel, and to get you the care you need, whether directly from them or a referral to a specialist. They can be your first point of contact in the healthcare system and a steady point of contact that you can return to wherever you might be in your stage of life and vitality.

Naturopathic Medicine is rooted in a philosophy that believes that your body knows how to heal itself and a doctor's job is to help facilitate your bodies own natural healing response using the least force intervention possible. That does not simply mean switching a pharmaceutical for an herb but rather using both of these strategically, and with many other tools to facilitate and empower you to make the changes you want to see in your health.  I hope to shift the way you think about your body and the healthcare system, away from a disease management system and towards a collective that promotes and rewards health. Come in for maintenance, for early detection, for prevention. 


 How do you say it? 


ney-chuh-RO-pathic: with a long "a" as in "nature"

Or  nach-uh-RO-pathic: as in "natural"


Is a naturopathic physician the same as a homeopath?

No, homeopathy is one tool or modality that a naturopath may choose to use but a homeopath is not a naturopathic doctor.

What is a primary care physician (PCP)?

A physician who provides both the first contact for a person of any age with an undiagnosed health concern as well as continued care for various medical conditions not limited by cause, organ system, or diagnosis.

Where do I find a Naturopathic doctor?

Check out


Here is a collection of website that I love and find helpful.

Mountain Rose Herbs - for herbal and culinary supplies

Emerson Ecologics - for supplements and supplies

Seattle Tilth - wonderful Seattle local events and classes

"Seattle tilth inspires and educates people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system."

Health Masters Live - postgraduate classes for practitioners

Mytavin - a resource on the nutrients depleted by common pharmaceuticals 


"You're what kind of doctor?" 

Environmental Working Group - "Environmental Working Group empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. We drive consumer choice and civic action with breakthrough research and an informed public." - Awesome guide make sure to check the "Skin Deep" section and see how your cosmetics and products measure up.

Choosing Wisely patient friendly resources from specialty societies and consumer reports. Info to keep in mind  

Colleagues and businesses to check out! 

(custom gallery)

Docere Center for Natural Medicine - Providing primary care Family and pediatric Care 

Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa - a pioneer and leader in the natural skin care industry 

Do you have a website? Let me know!!