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Taylor Kaufmann Summers
Seattle WA

This site is an ongoing collection of recipes I cherish and information I have come across in my studies while at Naturopathic medical school.



Contrast Hydrotherapy

Taylor Kaufmann

The Naturopathic principles talk about the foundations for health - how you sleep, what you eat and drink, and how you move and breathe.  These are the fundamentals of a healthy body. No amount of outside influence can make up for a lack in these foundations.

With that said here are a few tools to provide some extra help. 

Type of treatment:  The application of heat alternated with cold.

Materials required -

  • Container with ice water; container with hot water.
  • Towels of appropriate size for area to be treated. Towels are to be soaked in the hot or cold water.


  • Compress Application: Apply hot compress to treated area for 3-4 min. Apply cold compress for 30-60 sec. Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Immersion therapy: Immerse the affected area in warm water (100-110°F) for 3-4 min. Immerse the affected area in cold water (50-65°F) for 30-60 sec. Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Time:   12-25 min.
  • The temperature listed are a general guide but should be adjusted to your comfort level.


Contraindications & Precautions - 

  • Do not apply heat to injuries during the acute phase (first 24-72 hrs).
  • Do not apply cold to frostbitten tissues.
  • Do not apply cold to areas with sensory impairment (such as the feet of diabetics, or to any area with peripheral neuropathy).
  • Never use a towel heated in a microwave oven directly on the skin - it may burn the skin.

Notes - During the acute phase of an injury (usually 24-48 hrs, but may be up to 72 hrs or even more), apply ice only. After the acute phase is over, then start performing contrast.